POS Integration


Integrating your POS system with RapidBar can improve accuracy in your business by automating the tracking of sales. It also allows for automated inventory control including low-stock alerts and automated supplier order suggestions. The integration saves time for staff members who would otherwise have to manually upload data into multiple systems.

API vs Email integrations

Some POS providers have open APIs or allow third parties like RapidBar to enter an agreement with them on data sharing. If this is the case, RapidBar will offer to connect through the POS’s API.

If your POS vendor has no API or it’s API is not visible to RapidBar, you will still be able to integrate by programming the exportation of a sales report to a unique email address. See the Email integrations instructions bellow for more details and instructions.

We’re always willing to add new integrations to our list. If you don’t see your POS listed on that page, drop us a line and we’ll make sure to add it for you.

Enable your POS integration with RapidBar

  1. Click on the settings (gear cog) icon on the right of your business name at the top of the page
  2. On the Location settings page, click the “Integration” menu
  3. Select your POS from the list

API integrations

To connect an API integration, please follow the instructions that appear on the page.

Please be patient with the integration process as it can take a little while on the first connection because of the high number of POS items and sales that need to be imported.

You should get a success message when the importation is completed. From that point on, sales will be imported daily and new POS items will be added into RapidBar under the Recipes menu.

Email integrations

To enable an email integration, follow the instruction that will appear on the screen and forward the custom message and email address provided to your POS support team so that they can configure the email export for you.


One way communication

It is important to understand that the POS integration is inbound only. The data will flow only from the POS to RapidBar and not the other way around.

Depending on the available resources from the POS, changes made to POS items might or might not sync directly with RapidBar without some editing of recipes names. These limitations are not related to a lack of feature from RapidBar but more to the quality of the transmitted data that is sent from the POS to RapidBar.

Daily imports

Sales and POS items will be synced once a day with RapidBar.

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