Grouping inventories


When more than one person are counting inventories at the same time, you will end up with multiple inventories after each one is saved to the cloud. To have an accurate on-hand value that include both counts, you will need to group these inventories.

On-hand calculation

RapidBar use the last inventory count of a product to calculate the on-hand of that product. Because of that, the last count of a product should contain all counts of a unique product.


Example 1: Multiple auditors

Sarah and Mike count the inventory together. Sarah counts the bar and Mike the stockroom.

Sarah count 3.5 bottles of Wine A plus 40 bottles of Beer X and save her count. Mike counts 12 bottles of Wine A plus 144 bottles of Beer X and saves his count.

Because there are 2 counts and Mike saved his count last, RapidBar will now assume that the on-hand is Wine A: 12 units and Beer X: 144 units.

To get the exact on-hand (Wine A: 15.5 units plus Beer X: 184 units), Sarah’s and Mike’s counts need to be grouped together.

Example 2: Spot inventories

Sometimes, you will want to count only one or just a few products. E.g. it could be necessary to get a precise count before placing an order or you may have doubts that staff are giving away certain products like shots on busy nights. In this case, RapidBar allows you to make “spot” inventories.

To count the inventory for just Wine A in our above example, Sarah need to count Wine A in all sections. So she will need to count the 3.5 bottles at the Bar, then move to the stockroom and add another count of 12 units. When she saves her inventory to the cloud, the total will be 15.5 units. Note that only the on-hand of Wine A will be updated in RapidBar. The on-hand of every other products won’t be affected by this count.

Alternatively, she could save twice: once for the bar and once for the stockroom. In this case, the inventories would need to be grouped just like in the first example.

It’s important to create team members for every person counting inventories as opposed to sharing your login credentials because using the same user on simultaneous devices is not permitted as it can cause losses of data.

Grouping multiple inventories

Warning: you should not merged inventories from different days as this will most likely cause calculation errors.

  1. Make sure that all the inventory counts made on mobile have been saved to the cloud
  2. Navigate to the “Inventory counts” menu in the web application
  3. Select the inventories you wish to group by checking the checkbox located at the left of the inventory line
  4. When 2 or more inventories are selected, the “Group selected inventories” button will be visible
  5. Click the button and the selected inventories will be combined into one

Ungrouping inventories

It’s possible to ungroup previously grouped inventories. Keep in mind that this willrevert any changes made to the grouped inventory and restore the original counts.

If you need to edit individual inventories that are part of a group, you should ungroup first, then modify the inventory and regroup.

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