Manage your billing information


From the customer billing portal you can:

  • Edit your billing information (like name, address, phone, etc)
  • Edite your payment method
  • View and download your previous invoices
  • Cancel your subscription

Connecting to the portal

  1. To manage your payment method or billing information, navigate to the payment page under account settings and click on the “Edit billing information” button.
  1. Enter the account’s owner email address

Important: To connect to the customer billing portal, you need to user the RapidBar account owner’s email address. This is the address that you used at the time of subscription.

  1. You’ll receive a connection link in your inbox within 5 minutes. If you don’t receive the link:
    • Make sure you are using the owner’s email address and inbox
    • Check your spam folder

Edit your billing information

After clicking the link in your inbox, you will be redirected to our partner (Stripe) secure payment portal where you can edit all your billing related information including the payment method.

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