How to request a new POS integration to RapidBar


If your POS is not listed on the integration page, it means that your POS system is not yet supported and that a new integration needs to be added to RapidBar before it can be activated.

Submitting a new POS integration

There are 2 methods to submit a new POS integration with RapidBar:

Method 1: Your POS vendor has an API and they are willing to integrate with RapidBar

Visit your POS website and look at the top and footer menus. If you see an “integration” menu item or something similar, then it’s likely that your vendor is already able to provide API endpoints for RapidBar to connect to and extract your sales data.

The next step is to ask your POS technical support if they are willing to let RapidBar create an integration for you. When you get a positive response from them, put them in touch with us at with “New POS integration request” as the subject line. Make sure to add the POs representative to the recipient list (in cc) as well.

Method 2: You POS vendor has no API connection or is not willing to add an new integration partner

If the above fails, no worries, there’s still a way to fetch sales on a daily basis and upload them to your RapidBar account by email. Here’s how:

  1. Contact your IT support or POS technical support
  2. Tell them you would like to receive your previous day’s itemized sales in csv format everyday by email.
  3. When your POS vendor completes the automation, you’ll receive your daily sales by email
  4. Forward this email (with the attached file) to with the subject line: “New csv email integration request”

CSV file specifications

In order to work, the csv file must contain at least:

  1. The itemized sales (sales for each individual POS item, not by groups or categories)
  2. POS item names
  3. Quantity sold of each item
  4. Net revenue (the revenue by item after discounts and before taxes)


Diet Root Beer2088.00
French fries1552.50

Tips: The file can contain more data (columns) and the order (placement) of the columns is not important

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