Counting your first inventory


In RapidBar, you can add inventory counts in 2 ways: With the web app or with the mobile app. We usually suggest to use the mobile app as it’s a bit faster and it supports the Bluetooth scale, checklists and the barcode scanner. The following table shows the different features available in both apps:

Adding inventory counts and weights
Bluetooth scale compatibilityx
Camera scannerx
Numeric keyboard with + – x operatorsx
Inventory checklists
Editing saved inventoriesx
Merging inventoriesx
Adding a custom date and timex
Differences between web app and mobile app inventories in RapidBar

Counting inventories with the web app

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Create a new inventory

  1. Navigate to the Inventory menu
  2. Click the “Add new inventory” button
  3. Select the inventory date and time
  4. Select the inventory section (optional – selecting a section will load the section checklist)

Adding product counts to the inventory

  1. In the new inventory modal, click the “Add new entry” button. A new line with blank fields will be added to the inventory
  2. Select the product line (if you added a section and the checklist is displayed) or start typing in the “Search product” field to select the desired product and click on its name to select it.
  3. Add the quantity
  4. Select the unit. Grams for weighed entries and unit for counted entries
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for all the other products you wish to count

Saving the inventory

When you’re done adding product counts, save your inventory by clicking the “Create” button at the bottom of the modal.

Counting inventories with the mobile app

Create a new inventory

In the RapidBar mobile app:

  1. Select your location and tap the “Start” button
  2. Tap the “New inventory” button
  3. Select the section where you are counting

Adding product to the inventory

You can find products that you wish count or weight using either of these 3 options:

  1. Select the product directly in the section checklist
  2. Scan the product bar code
  3. Search by product name using the magnifier icon

Section checklist

On your first inventory, there won’t be a checklist unless you created one before but don’t worry: RapidBar will remember the products from your inventory and suggest them to you next time.

If you already set up a checklist, you only need to tap a product name and the product measure page will display.

Bar code scanner

Another option is to directly scan the bar code of the product by tapping the “Scan” button and pointing your phone or tablet at the product bar code.

If the product bar code is present in your product database, the product measure page will display. If the bar code is not found, you’ll be prompted to add it either from the community or by creating a new product.

Search by name

Tap on the magnifier icon at the top right of the section page and type the first few letters of the product name. When you see the product name in the list, tap on it and you’ll be taken to the product measure page.
If no product is displayed, it means that this particular name is not found in your product database. It could be spelled differently or misspelled or just missing altogether. To find out, check the product page either on the web app or on the mobile app (Manage products from the main menu).

Product measure page

Once a product is selected using one of the 3 options described above, you’ll be redirected to the product measure page.

The product measure page has 2 main features:

  1. Weight
  2. Count

Weighing a product

If the product is partially full or open, you can weight it providing that you filled the full and/or empty weight when you created the product.

To weigh a product, just place it on a compatible scale and the weight will display on your device’s screen via Bluetooth.

When the weigh is stable, save the entry.
Alternatively, you can use the device keyboard to add the weight or count a partial amount as described in the following section.

Counting products

To add a counted entry to your inventory, firs make sure that you’re in count mode.

Once in count mode, simply type the number of products you have on-hand on the device keyboard and save the entry.

Saving the inventory

When you’re done adding product counts, save your inventory by navigating back to the section list and tap the “Save to cloud” button.

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