Adding products


RapidBar makes it easy to get started by providing 2 options to add new products to your inventory:

  1. Import products from an existing spreadsheet
  2. Manually create a product

Importing products from a spreadsheet

This article explains how to import products from an existing spreadsheet.

Manually create new products

This article explains how to create or modify products in RapidBar

Additional context

Adding products essentially adds an inventory item into your own product database. After the product is successfully added, it will be possible to:

  • Add products in purchases – This will increases the on-hand quantity of a product.
  • Count a product in an inventory – This resets the on-hand count of a product to the counted amount, overwriting the previous on-hand value.
  • Add products to recipe – Products can be added to recipes as an ingredient. When added to a recipe, the on-hand will be decreased whenever that recipe appears in a sale.

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