Adding complimentary products to a supplier order


Very often, a supplier will add some free products when you order a certain quantity. This creates a situation where:

  • A quantity needs to be added to the inventory to keep an accurate tracking of the on-hand
  • The cost needs to reflect the addition of free products

To avoid additional clutter of the orders page for users that don’t have this request, we created a “Complimentary products” setting that needs to be enable before free products can be added to received orders.

Activating the “freebies” setting

  1. Go to the locations settings by clicking on the gear icon next to your location’s name
  2. Click on the “Advanced Features” menu
  3. Click the toggle switch next to “Provide a field to add complimentary products in supplier orders” until it’s yellow and reads “Enabled”

Adding complimentary products to a supplier order

Note: Complimentary products can only be added when an order is at the receiving stage.

  1. Go to the “Orders and purchases” page
  2. Click on the “Receive order” yellow button at the left end of an order line. A modal will pop-up
  3. Next to a product’s received quantity there will be a field name “Complimentary QTY” where you can add the quantity of free products received

Additional tips

  • Complimentary products can only be added at the Receiving stage of the orders workflow
  • If part of the received quantity is complimentary, you can edit both fields: the received quantity and the complimentary. E.g. You initially placed an order for 10 products but 8 are paid and 2 are free so you can edit the received field from 10 to 8 and the complimentary field from 0 to 2
  • The cost of a product will be adjusted based on the complimentary products. E.g. if an item is worth $5 and you get 8 paid and 2 free, the cost of a single item will be calculated like this: (8 x $5) / 10 so $4 per item.

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